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Maximized Potential

I used to lack confidence.  On the field, and in my life.  I never questioned my effort towards my goals; however, the thought of never realizing my potential plagued my mind for years.  


What I lacked as a young athlete drove me to seek knowledge and understanding as an adult.  Through my experiences in sports, the military, and beyond, I’ve found myself equipped with the tools to positively influence the lives around me, not just myself.   


When I found the world of human performance, my stock in life changed.  Physical dreams became physical realities.  Mental turmoil became the foundation of my personal strength. I gained peace of mind and a better understanding of the world around me.  Additionally, I found my life’s purpose: to provide a unique experience in which humans maximize their potential through the practice of optimal coaching. 

Between my experiences at and alongside Westside Barbell, and the early days of my career at Equinox, I am equipped to share my own systems with individuals seeking to maximize their potential.  


Delta-Five Performance is the amalgamation of my knowledge, and the home for the performance-minded as we march towards the most elite realization of human performance.  

- Cooper Napoli

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